The Day of Revolution (Kakumei no Hi)

The Day of Revolution – vol.1 (m&c!)


The Day of Revolution – vol.2 (m&c!)

Title: Kakumei no Hi (The Day of Revolution)
Author: Mikiyo Tsuda
Manga-ka: Mikiyo Tsuda
Format: Manga
Volume: 2 volumes (6 chapters)
Published: 1999
Genre: harem – josei – romance – shoujo – school life – comedy

Rate: thumbsthumbsthumbsthumbs

The Day of Revolution revolves around Kei Yoshikawa, a boy in high school who one day is informed that he is genetically female. This shocking realization causes his family to grow closer together and Kei decides that he is going to restart his life as a girl named Megumi. Kei takes a six-month leave from school and returns as a first-year student with Makoto Yutaka, the niece of the doctor who aided in Kei’s transition; Makoto also helps Megumi adjust to living life as a girl. Megumi is quickly found out by her old male friends who all start hitting on her once they discover the truth that she was Kei. Shocked at their new behavior, Megumi is appalled at the thought of ever dating any one of them or even getting a boyfriend. After a traumatic experience with a former enemy, she tells her friends that she has chosen Makoto instead of any of them, though they do not back down in their pursuits.

Megumi, in an attempt to avoid her persistent male friends, starts spending more time at Makoto’s house where she meets her younger brother Mikoto, who is home during the summer from an all-boys boarding school. Megumi starts to become more fond of Mikoto, though still only thinks of him as a younger brother, while at the same time Mikoto harbors feelings for Megumi. Megumi and Mikoto go on a date together but are interrupted by Megumi’s male friends and Makoto. Megumi attempts to protect Mikoto from her friends’ teasing of him, and in the process causes Mikoto to confess his love to her. Megumi and Mikoto begin dating though are still constantly interrupted and are thus unable to progress their relationship very far even two years later. However, they resolve to make progress together.

Well, actually I kinda love this kind of story with inter-sexual problem, especially when the hero/heroine is as cute as Kei ^^. Sadly, this manga is very short (only has 2 volumes) and I think the manga-ka should build more interesting characterization from all the characters (not only the main character) .

Anyway, you could also find Kei in Princess Princess, other manga made by Mikiyo Sensei.


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