Reading Challenge

My 2015 Reading Challenge [wrap up]

Actually I am new to this RC (Reading Challenge) stuff and believe it or not, I only join 1 RC during 2015 and it is the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I joined Goodreads on September 2015 and set my RC for 75 books this year (well in my case for 4 months) and amazingly, I did it!!! Yeay!!! *happy dance*



I have read 111 books (11.726 pages) out of 75 books!!! And of course most of them are children book (45 books) and graphic novel or comic or manga (56 books) and the rest are fiction book (10 books). To summarize it all, here is my 2015 in books according to Goodreads.

For me, this is a really great start and accomplishment during my reading journey on 2015, where I also start to read-a-loud to my kiddos. That is why I am encourage myself to have more Reading Challenge for next year.


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