Reading Challenge

My Reading Challenge 2016

This is my first time join a reading challenge aside from the 2015 Reading Challenge by Goodreads. I can say that I am positively join another reading challenge next year since I have accomplished my current reading challenge.

As you can see from my previous posts and from my reading journey this year, I will definitely join these challenges next year:

  1. Reading Romance Challenge 2016
  2. Graphic Novel & Manga Challenge 2016
  3. Comic Reading Challenge 2016
  4. 2016 I Love Libraries Reading Challenge
  5. Proyek Baca Buku Perpustakaan 2016
  6. 2016 I Love Picture Books Reading Challenge
  7. Children’s Literature Reading Project

Since I am currently read-a-loud with my two kiddos, I would love to continue this routines and thus made me join the last two RC on the list. While for myself, I know for sure that even though I also enjoyed reading mystery-suspense novel, as well as a dystopian novel, I am basically a romance lover and also still a manga-freak. That is why I chose to join the first three RC in the list.

I think those 7 RC’s are more than enough for making me busy next year, so I will try to commit my self to them while updating my progress through my Goodreads account and this blog.

So, have you also dare yourself to accept those challenges on my list? Or you might have set your own goal? Mind your self by leaving comments below and I would be more than glad to visit your blog as well as having discussion with you.

PS: I might added some new challenges if I find more interesting RC in the future, so this post will be updated.

Updated! (Jan 5, 2016)

I am also joining 2016 I Love Libraries Reading Challenge and Proyek Baca Buku Perpustakaan 2016 since I have been visiting libraries regularly last year and I am still going to do it this year.


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