Jack and Jill – Jack and Jill Go Skating


Title: Jack and Jill – Jack and Jill Go Skating

Author: Wes Magee

Illustrator: Melanie Sharp

Published: 2009 (Franklin Watts)

Genre: Picture Book – Children – Rhymes Book

Rate: thumbsthumbsthumbs



This book consist of 2 short stories with Jack and Jill as the main characters. The first story tells us about the adventure of Jack and Jill tried to get water from the well on top of the hill. Accidentally, Jack was fell down with his bucket filled with water. Then Jill decided also to fell down the hill since she saw it was so much fun.

The second story tells us about how Jack and Jill go skating. And when they finally cracked the ice, they got very wet but it was so much fun.


The book features the original rhyme, accompanied by fun illustrations, with the whole rhyme repeated to allow children to spot the rhyming words. Then follows a fun, alternative nursery rhyme, again with full color illustrations and the repeat of the whole alternative rhyme. This book not only offer a highly supportive first reading experience, starting from the familiar nursery rhyme and extending with the alternative rhyme, but also encourage children to play with language, stimulating their own writing.


I got this book from my eldest son’s school library. And since he is now able to read aloud by himself, I was just sitting next to him holding the book and let him read the book.


Submitted for:

Project Baca Buku Cetak 2016 (#BacaBukuCetak)

Proyek Baca Buku Perpustakaan 2016 (#pbbp)

2016 I Love Libraries Reading Challenge (ILLRC)

2016 I Love Picture Books Reading Challenge (#ILPBRC)

Children’s Literature Reading Project (#CLRP)


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