Reading Challenge

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016: Wrap-up Post





First of all, allow me to congratulate us! Yup! Us – me and you. Happy New Year! May this year bring us more spirit to read lots of great books 😉

Okay, I have to admit that last year I joined too many reading challenge! Well, it’s because I feel very enthusiast and optimist about my reading plan. Unfortunately, I’ve been failed in all of the reading challenge! Ouch! That is a huge price for my enthusiasm. Hahaha.

On 2015, when I joined Goodreads Reading Challenge on September 2015 and targeted 75 books, I could surpassed my target (only less than 4 months)! But last year, when I set  up my target for 150 books, I could only finished 144 books in a year. It means I only reached 96% of my goal.

Do I feel sad and disappointed? Of course not! I realize that many changes had happened in my life last year and that was infected my reading pace through out the year.

To make a conclusion, here’s I categorized the books that I’ve been reading last year:

  • printed books: 85 books
  • digital books: 59 books
  • children books: 45 books

Detail from my year 2016 in books can also be seen on Goodreads. And this year I also would like to challenge my self to have another great moment with the same target as last year: 150 books. So, let’s get rock!


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