Cook it!

Cook it-front cover

Title: Cook it!

Author & Illustrator: George Berkett

Published: 2009 (Child’s Play International)

ISBN: 978-184-643-284-2

Pages: 24

Genre: Picture Book – Children

Rate: thumbsthumbsthumbsthumbs



Who’s home for dinner? What shall we cook? What do we need to buy? And don’t forget the washing-up! Helping with real tasks is a natural progression from pretend play, and is a crucial stage in a child’s development. Achieving a shared goal encourages a sense of responsibility, and develops many skills useful in later life. Simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between reader and child.



The book helps children for having their practical life by helping parents to prepare simple meals. The texts are very simple and the illustrations are very lively, carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between parents and our child. Your children will really love this book. And who knows that the book will encourage them to start preparing the meals.




Review ini diikutsertakan dalam Proyek Baca Buku Perpustakaan 2017 (#bacabukuperpus2017)

Review ini diikutsertakan dalam Read and Review Challenge 2017 – Kategori Single Point – Children Literature

Children’s Literature Reading Project (#CLRP)



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