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Title: Cats

Author: Claire Llewellyn

Illustrator: Andrew Beckett

Published: 2005 (Collins)

ISBN: 978-000-718-548-1

Pages: 32

Genre: Picture Book – Children

Rate: thumbsthumbsthumbs



Look at a cat.

What do you see?




A super great non-fiction book which tells us about cats’ features. The left pages show domestic cats’ features, while the right pages show the same features from wild cats: eyes, ears, teeth, fur, legs, tail. The final page shows all features of the cat.

Simple words with astonishing pictures make the book easiest to understand, so it is very recommended for the early reader with young age (3-5 years old).

When we finished reading the book, I asked both of my sons to draw their own cats. The eldest (6 years old) added information about his cat’s features, while the youngest (4 years old) pointed and mentioned his cat’s features.

PS: my eldest son brought the book from his school library.



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