Animals Can Do Anything

Animals Can Do Anything

Title: Animals Can Do Anything

Author: Sarah Angelia R.

Editor: Wicha S. B.

Illustrator: Sarah Angelia R.

Cover Designer: Omenemo

Layouter: Edicomics

Published: August 2017 (Bestari)

ISBN: 978-602-341-159-7

Pages: 32

Genre: Picture Book – Children

Rate: thumbsthumbsthumbs



Have you ever seen a duck playing drum?
Have you ever seen a panda wearing polka-dotted pajamas?

Do you know that the cat can cunt cars? In this book, animals can do anything! Do you want to know more about animal activities in this book? Let’s read this book.

Learning the alphabet becomes more fun with this book. Beside increasing knowledge about alphabet letters, you can also explore your imagination through visualization of the pictures.



This is surprisingly a cute picture book for children. Each page contains one alphabet letter as the main subject that we can find in the picture. The alphabet letters represent by animals doing their favorite activities. For example:

An elephant eats eight easter eggs, an eagle exercises, and an eel wears earring.

Sometimes we might find difficult words for the children, but worry not, this is a good opportunity to enrich their vocabularies. For examples:

A xolo plays with a xylophone, a xerus plays X’s and O’s, and a xenops spots a big red X for hidden treasures.

Xolo or Xoloitzcuintli is a Mexican hairless breed dog that comes in three different sizes: toy, miniature and standard sizes. While Xerus is an African ground squirrel and xenops is an oven bird often found in Mexico, Central America and South America and tropical rain forest.

See? Those words are unfamiliar, rite? Believe it or not, I browsed through google to find out their meaning. Hehehe. But hey! It’s fun because we can also learn new words.

The author drew pictures in this book by using crayons. Yes, the pictures might look like drawn by children, but those are really cute and make the children more interested in the book.


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