About me

Hi There!!

My name is Kitty. I live in the capital city of Indonesia; Jakarta.

I’m a wifey of a great husband and also proud mom of two wonderful kiddos.

I was a working lady before I gave birth to my second baby then becoming a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom). I am also a freelance transcriber.

This is a blog that I created especially as our reading journey. Yup! Aside from reading to myself, I also read-a-loud to my kids. That is why in this blog you will also find lots of children book.

Books that I enjoyed most are: children book (picture book, classic, etc), mystery-suspense book, romance (any sub genre), graphic novel and comic (including manga).

This is a link to my personal reading journey (2015) and if you are interested in children literature/books, you might want to check my children’s reading journey (2015).

I will be more than happy to receive your comments in this blog.

For business inquiries or sponsorship, kindly send your e-mail to  :kitty.wibisono@gmail.com


Happy reading!


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